"A smart and reliable utility whose main purpose is to provide users with a simple means of preventing infections transmitted through USB drives."



"While MCShield is protecting your system, you can plug in any removable drive, without risking a malware infection."



"MCShield 2 is an advanced, free anti malware USB protection software that protects PC from malware programs that can be transmitted via removable devices."



"MCShield 2 Anti-Malware is an excellent freeware utility developed for the protection of portable USB devices."


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"Ovaj program bi svako trebao da instalira na svoj kompjuter, kako bi smanjio mogućnost prenosa štetnih fajlova sa USB fleš diskova i ostalih “nosača podataka”."


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Insights In Technology


"Today, MCShield releases version 3 of the software with some new features and a fresh and attractive user interface. I have used MCShield for almost two years and is totally impressed with its capabilities. It works superbly along with any resident antimalware and often is more effective in its particular department... I highly recommend this freeware."


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Danijel Janjić


"Besplatan domaći program koji štiti računar od infekcija koje se mogu preneti preko prenosnih uređaja... Odličan program!"


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"MCShield je besplatan i jako dobar program koji nam dolazi iz susjedne zemlje Srbije. Radi se o antimalware programu koji je dizajniran za sprječavanje infekcija koje se prenose putem prijenosnih diskova, USB flash diskova..."


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"MCShield 2 is a very helpful tool that can protect your computer from malicious software that is spread via portable devices."


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"It automatically scans each removable USB drive that is inserted into your PC to thwart any possible malware attacks."